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“The Fight of My Life Is Wrapped Up In My Father.”

“It is the study of the negative aftermath of absentee fathers in The Bahamas. With simplicity, the thrill of realism and death in hot pursuit, Drexel chronicles his life story in a riveting narrative that starts out with a bang from chapter one. After being shot four times and presumed dead, this former gang general slowly begins to pick up the broken pieces of his mangled life. He retraced his steps and those of others, to learn where they all went wrong. This process took him more than ten years to properly research and write.

It was through his interviews with death row inmates and other rival gang members that he discovered they all shared a common bond of neglect, rejection and fatherlessness. Therefore, in their quest to be loved, accepted and appreciated they created a world of their own. A world of criminality and tyranny, but in that world they found love.

Please see an excerpt from a candid interview with Drexel Deal on his book:

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  • Yvonne L. Ward
    Ms. Hanna, I am so excited that Mr. Drexel Deal is coming to Grand Bahama. It was such a coincidence, as I have just completed reading his book and I wondered how I could get him to come to speak to our students, especially our young men who can identify with his family structure, childhood, rejection, economic environment and anger, and so much more. Looking forward to reaping the rewards of what I have no doubt will impact the lives of our young men as we declared at Jack Hayward Senior High: “2016 - The Year of Your Dreams." As he stated in his book, the title of his book was birthed in a dream! Students need to understand that their dreams become reality when they surrender ALL to God and begin to seek Him for their purpose in life - the reason they were magnificently created! Mr. Deal has a "real" story to tell that will not only captivate this young audience but also teach valuable lessons! Regards,
    Yvonne L. Ward
    Principal of Jack Hayward Senior High, Freeport
  • Leonard Marvey
    Good Day Drexel Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story. Your story is my story brother. And I relate to what you have experienced growing up fatherless in many ways. I read your book first chapter and I admire the way you tell the truth as is, simple and powerful. Man you are really a gift to this generation and let me know how can I help to take your message to the youth of my country, South Africa. Love in Action
    Leonard Marvey
    Professional speaker, life coach and change expert in South Africa
  • Brenda A. Barry
    Hello Drexel, Thank you for sharing this marvellous story..I have purchased three copies of your book for friends and have others, to whom I have promised to get  copies for them.. I am raising a 17 yr old grandson, whose mother died almost two years ago..He is grieving hard, as they were very close and shared a beautiful loving relationship.....I am not happy with some of the new friends that he has made since his mother's death..His father is not in his life… It is a difficult time, but I am happy reading your book, and very grateful that you were brave enough to share your journey....A huge 'thank you' from me..I am not at the end of your journey yet, as in order for me to fully grasp what you lived through, I am reading, and digesting slowly... God Bless You
    Brenda A. Barry
  • Michelle Lowe
    Good evening Mr. Deal, We really enjoyed your time with us at our school. I just finished your book. Congratulations! You did a wonderful job. I didn't want to put it down. What you say about boys and their fathers is so true. My first son grew up without his father. It has not been easy for me and especially for him. But also I think being fatherlessness affects girls as well. My father died when I was very young. I spent a lot of years making mistakes in relationships. I think not having him in my life left me inadequately prepared to find what I was looking for. Keep writing. I look forward to the sequel.
    Michelle Lowe
    Principal of Cherokee Primary School, Abaco
  • Sergeant Gregory William
    Mr. Deal I am a prison sergeant and when you came up to the prison a few months ago to present your book. You were being led by Mr. Carlos Reid. I was told who you were and when you left I was given your book by Miss Sweeting the education officer at the prison. I open the book and begin to read it and could not put it down for some reason. You got my attention from the start from your first robbery to you finding out your father was not your real father, you also talk about the Rebellions and when you went to Junkanoo with the brothers. Some parts of the book you had me in stitches but most of all you open my eyes to the real world. God Bless you Mr. Deal and I hope others get the chance to read the book because I can’t wait on the next one to be publish.
    Sergeant Gregory William
  • D. Paul Reilly, PhD.
    Drexel, I must say your book made fascinating reading. Normally, I do not read too much of these kinds of books; however, I just could not was riveting, to put it mildly. I honestly believe, that a copy of your book should be in the hands of every child in The Bahamas. I fully endorse your book and am extremely proud of you and the outstanding work you are doing in the community to help make Our Bahamas a better place for all. God Bless You. Best Regards
    D. Paul Reilly, PhD.
  • Mrs. Brenell Clarke-Higgs
    Mr. Deal:   It is with profound appreciation I extend my sincere gratitude to you on behalf of the students and staff of the home of the great parrots, James A. Pinder Primary. Your inevitable testimony has indeed left an indelible mark upon the lives of our young darlings and the community members present, who were left amazed and in awe of your boldness to publicly express your shortcomings in the youthful stage of your life, however, you did not allow it to keep you handicap. Instead, you use it as a means to help detour other young persons from walking the same road or a similar path that you did.    After completing the reading of your book, which I couldn't put down once I started, so much was left untold. I am certain the experience shared will encourage many to change and live a fruitful and productive life. We will forever be grateful to you and your wife for affording us the opportunity to embrace a dynamic individual such as yourself. May God continue to open doors for you as you unveil your testimony throughout the Bahamas and the world at large. It is truly worth it. I pray that persons who are in a position to assist you will do so graciously because your testimony is indeed relatable to today's youths and adults alike.   Once again, thank you so kindly for this one moment in time.   Respectfully, Mrs. Brenell Clarke-Higgs
    Mrs. Brenell Clarke-Higgs
    J.A. Pinder Primary School
  • Shelagh Pritchard
    Good morning Mr. Deal: I purchased your book at Chapter one about a month ago and although I have not had time to complete it, I can tell you it is one of the most honest, insightful and empowering books that I have ever read.  I would love to arrange for you to come and speak to our youth at The Red Cross After-care centre on Blue Hill Road if you had the time to do so.   Many thanks, Shelagh
    Shelagh Pritchard
    Chairperson of Lignum Vitae Centre