Hear firsthand what our Students & Educators sHave to say about their experience with Drexel Deal


Kim Curtis school Principal

“I can truly say that Mr. Deal’s visit here today was a blessing, not only to the students but to myself. I encourage Mr. Deal to continue to spread his message in the schools, in the churches, on the streets wherever he goes… ”

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Mr. Gilbert Rolle Jr. from Bimini

“We just came out of an amazing session with Drexel Deal. I’m telling you it was inspirational, it was motivational but more importantly: it was spiritual. Even in the setting we had about 50 kids who gave their hearts to the Lord….”

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Students Testimonials

Divina, student at C. V. Bethel

Thank you Mr. Deal, You spoke to my 10 grade class on yesterday, and your words really inspired and encourage me. The way you quoted scriptures was excellent and magnificent. The point you made about walking away from insults can help me in my everyday life. Looking at you I would've never thought you when through all that in your life time. It was nice to meet and to hear your stories, and you really made me think more about life and how much our parents are important and how we should not take things for light. Thank you.

Celine Hunter head girl of Hunter Christie High School in North Andros

I found Mr. Deal’s presentation quite realistic and interesting. I learn a lot of stuff from him and I’m hoping he will come back again before we leave.”

Jamaal Rolle 11th grade student at San Salvador High School,

“I want to thank Mr. Drexel Deal for inspiring us boys to always respect our parents, and not becoming a bad influence on our friends.”

Clinique, 10th grade student at C. V. Bethel

Thank you so much for coming to my school on Friday. You were a good choice as our father figure because you talked to us and got us to understand we aren't the only people out here that may not have their father in their life. You shared with us your stories and some of us noticed that we don't have it so bad; and what we shouldn't do when we are adults. You taught me something special "know the company you keep and how to walk away from situations" which I will use throughout my life. I really hope that you can come back and talk to us again because I really felt that you relate to us.

Danielle, 11th Grade student at Kings Way Academy

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend Kingsway Academy's both senior and junior high chapel on last week. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the students and I. We know that in our generation most of us take life for granted, we think of it as a competition on who could be the baddest or coolest person. Your experience was well shared with me and my fellow peers. The testimony shared by you, if taken into consideration, will help us all greatly as we continue our journey through life. I myself, if not the rest, took this submission very seriously and will allow it to inspire me and help me continue my journey on the right path. I have learned that no matter how much pain you cause God by sinning he can always get you through the toughest time. I myself love reading books, but never took the time to read the bible, with your advice, I will take anytime I have to read the Bible and learn God's word. I appreciate the time you have given to us and do not know how to thank you more than to just take your advice. I hope that you are able to take your testimony to other schools and/ or countries to help spread the word of God and share your experiences. Thank you once again

Kendrick Rolle head boy of Hunter Christie High School in North Andros

I found Mr. Deal presentation interesting because I have a few friends who can relate to his problems. It was really inspirational to see that there’s someone going around sharing his experience, warning us youths that this is what can happen and stay away from it.

Krista, Student at the University of the Bahamas

Hello Mr. Deal, Your presentation today was heartfelt; I honestly appreciate your bravery to testify about your experiences you went through. And you spoke so passionately and inspirationally. You are truly blessed by God to have been spared and to be able to be used by the Lord in such a great way! God bless and continue to share your story with others because many people need to hear it!

Andre Arthur from Grand Bahama academy

Hello Mr. deal, My name is Andre Arthur. I was very inspired by the words you spoke today at Grand Bahama academy. I would like to thank you for coming to my school today. Because of your words I have learned the error of my ways, and have decided to change into the good student I am ought to be. I ask that you pray for me and my school. Once again thank you

Chad In grade 8

I am Chad a grade 8 student from the great mighty Sister Mary Patricia Russell Junior High School. I just wrote to say that your speech made a big impact on my life. I learned to make right choices and pick right friends. I just wrote to say THANK YOU!!!

Geneka grade 11 at Eight Mile Rock High School

Hi Mr. Deal, My name is Geneka and I'm in grade 11 at Eight Mile Rock High School. Your testimony was wonderful, inspiring and a wake up call for me. It helped me realize my real friends from associates, and who's actually looking out for me. I appreciated you taking time to speak to us today, so keep in mind if no one else listened....you got through to one student. Thank You.


Mr. Deal, Surprised, why you did that? That was an interesting story. It opened up my eyes to life, I am in grade 5 and that was the best assembly of my life. I attend Grand Bahama Academy; your story was well put and easy to understand. You should keep it up; I believe you would save many lives with that simple talk.

Ryan Godet, 6th grade student at High Rock Primary

Mr. Deal presentation thought me how to treat other people the way I would like to get treated back

Arabella Ferguson, Grade 9 student of Lucaya International School, Freeport

Good morning Mr. Deal,    On Friday I attended your talk to our middle school. I would like to thank you for coming to speak with us. I believe in the three rules you gave us, (read the Bible, listen to your parents and choose your friends) and I also believe many children have been told these rules in several ways by their parents, teachers or even counselors. But many children put these rules aside and believe that they don't need to follow these rules because "They know what they’re doing." I believe being shared these rules by someone who "Did it all, and regretted it all" really made an impact. I know a couple of teenagers who were heading down the wrong track and really needed someone to stop them in their tracks, although many people tried to do so, they carried on going, I feel that you may have finally been the one to get them to realize what road they were heading down by telling them the same rules but from a different perspective. I saw many faces of realization as something from your talk resonated with other students and with that, I know that you have impacted not only me but them as well. Thank you for coming to speak at our school I know it will make some big changes in many lives

Angela Saunders head girl of Mangrove Cay High School, South Andros

“Today Mr. Drexel Deal has taken the time out to share his experiences, in making better choices with us students. I am really thankful that he came to encourage and inspire us students today.”

Vershard Rahming Head Boy for Central Eleuthera High School

I found Mr. Deal presentation very interesting. What he told us about his background and his personal life, I found it really touching. I know that the other students really love his presentation as well, because of the outcome they gave him. I hope that he could visit us again

Michael Saunders at Bimini Primary School,

I heard Mr. Deal 15 years ago when I was a student at the Bimini All Age School, his presentation had impacted me a lot and helped steered me in the right path. During that time I was the one who use to be bullied a lot in school, but Mr. Deal presentation helped me to walk away from certain stuff, because not everything I had to jump at. His presentation motivated me to walk into what God has called me to be. So seeing he today brought back a lot of memories, and it makes me think what my life could’ve been if I hadn’t listen? But through listening to him I was able to accomplish much in life, and I thank God for the brother and to be able to see him again. May God bless the brother and may he continue to keep up the good work.

Head girl Erma Marcellus from Cat Island

“Today Mr. Deal came to our school and he presented his life story to us. His stories were inspiring and motivational. The thing that appeal to me the most from what he said was that we always have to listen to our parents. As children that’s one of the things we don’t like, we think that we know more than our parents and sometimes we think that we don’t share the same experiences as our parents: that’s one of the things which stood out to me. Also he talked about being shot, the experience, that was a bit too over whelming for me. I had to sit down because I couldn’t bring my mind to comprehend all of what he been through. Having to go to jail, and all the things he went through with his father. Those are things I personally don’t imagine, and if I was to have such an experience, I think I’ll be overwhelm, I might have a mental breakdown. So, I applaud Mr. Deal for being so strong in sharing his story with us.”

Educator Testimonials

Mr. Ivan Butler Principal of Eight Mile Rock High School, Grand Bahama the Bahamas

“Today was very special for us, as we welcome Mr. Drexel Deal. Mr. Deal testimony was not only an inspiration to our students, but it was a much needed message for many of our young boys. We’ve had many incidents of boys who are drop out, who are from fatherless homes and we truly appreciate his message. We have his books, and we will make it a part of our reading for our school. So, we are very please and bless to have had him with us today.”

Ms. Yvonne Neymour Principal at Behring Point Primary, Central Andros Bahamas

We enjoyed the presentation by Mr. Deal. The words he shared were very enlightening, and we thank God for allowing such a thing to happen. The Bible says, “Whatever the Devil meant for bad God will turn it around for His good.” So God is using this opportunity and He’s using Mr. Deal as a servant to encourage other children and our youth. To not be bullies, and not to bully others, and the most important thing is to listen to parents

Mrs. Esther Thompson, Senior Mistress at High Rock Primary School, South Andros, Bahamas

“This afternoon presentation was very well received by the students. It was down to their level in ways they can understand. It can also help them to make those positive choices in their lives. I like the two key words that Mr. Deal used, listen and obey: and they were reinforce throughout. If the students of High Rock Primary School listen and obey, they’re not only going to be better citizens in their community but in the entire world as well. Thank you for coming to South Andros, we appreciate you.”

rs. Tanya McPhee-Pinder Principal of Governors Harbor Primary School, Eleuthera, the Bahamas

The presentation by Mr. Deal was very informative, and right down to earth children of all ages would’ve appreciated it. I saw my grade ones listening up because it was very locale to them, in that these are things they experience daily. They deal with bullies, and they also deal with the fact they don’t listen to their parents and their teachers. I think Mr. Deal really drove home the point about listening. When I did the time for learning at the end of his presentation, one of the scriptures a student gave was: ‘A warning is better than fine gold.’ So, they seem to get the point, and I thank you for coming.”

Ronda Thompson Principal of Central Andros High School

We just heard from Mr. Drexel Deal who spoke to our students, and he gave an awesome message. It was a message of hope, a message of love and a message encouraging students to always listen and follow the instructions of parents and teachers. So our kids were grately impacted. As well as having the opportunity to not just hear what he said, but his experience of what he would’ve went through truly impacted our kids.

Ms. Vernitta Thompson, principal of the Laura L. Anderson Primary School in Eleuthera, Bahamas

We are just out of a presentation by Mr. Drexel Deal, and it was really powerful and very timely. The interaction with Mr. Deal and the students was really powerful. He brought home to the students the importance of listening, and I’m sure the students took away quite a bit from the presentation. Mr. Deal drew on his experience letting them know why he’s blind today, because of the bad choices he made. So, I’m very grateful he came to address the students of grades 4, 5 & 6 and I am positive that today’s experience will leave a lasting impact on their lives. If there’s ever a time we needed a conversation like this, it was today.

Mrs. Nishgo Bain-Collie, Principal of Bimini Primary School, Bimini, Bahamas

Dear Mr. Deal, Indeed your presentation to our school was a momentous one. The students were enthusiastically engaged as they were made a part of the presentation. The staff and students both gain much insight and wisdom from the experience, and were quite please that the presentation was a meaningful one. We wish to express much gratitude for the books as well; even students from grade two were asking to borrow them. Thank you so much for making us a part of your ministry; surely with your message and experience many of our children will see the need to be law abiding citizens.

Heather Thompson Business & English teacher at Windermere High School, Eleuthera Bahamas

I listen to Mr. Deal this morning on his presentation which was so timely and profound. As he encouraged our young people to listen to their parents and teachers, and I thought it was just so awesome. His having been to prison twice, because of not listening to his parents. I think the kids at this age are more incline to listen to everything that he and his wife said. Particularly with the young women, who we find at this teenage period in their life they are very emotional and very touchy. Who think that when a man touches them, that he’s in love with them I just found that so profound. I believed that the Lord really ministered to both the men and the women this morning in a profound way. I think that what you did here this morning God will richly bless you Mr. & Mrs. Deal, because you ministered to young lives who are very impressionable at this moment: and will take your message with them for the rest of their lives

Mrs. Chardel Gibson, Principal of Samuel Guy Pinder All Age School, Spanish Wells Eleuthera, Bahamas

We were very impress with the presentation by Mr. Deal; it was very timely and very encouraging. It showed children how decisions can impact their lives, we hope from his presentation that our children are encourage to make positive decisions that will result in them becoming productive members of the community. We wish best of luck to Mr. & Mrs. Deal as they continue to travel throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, encouraging our young people in their ministry.

Lamont Davis from the Alice Town Police Station, Bimini, Bahamas

  Today a presentation was done by Drexel Deal, and I must say it was a wonderful and inspiring message that he had. He spoke on what it means to listen to your parents, what it means to hear your parents? I was most inspired because as a young teenager I also had difficulties in school. His story of getting in fights and being beaten up, I share similar experiences. Today we are on a positive path; we are on the right path. His book call, ‘The Fight Of My Life Is Wrapped Up In My Father,’ is a book you need to buy, it is a book you need to read. I haven’t heard a story like this in the last 35 years, and I fully endorse this book. So I thank God for being here at this time, and today I am most inspired by this story.Sergeant 2120

I have had the chance to write an autobiography on you in the beginning of the school year. In doing research to complete my assignment, I was utterly inspired to your story and motivated that you may come from a negative beginning and shift it to positivity. So to hear you actually speak in front of me, I was more than excited. I learnt many things from you that I will apply to my life. Yes, I will continue reading, growing in faith, being honest at all times and honoring my parents. Your message surely did not go to void. I’ll pray for you from now on for strength and guidance from God, so you can continue in his will. He has directed your feet to walk in his testimonies and surely you will have a prosperous and expected end.