May 10, 2018

Head girl Erma Marcellus from Cat Island

“Today Mr. Deal came to our school and he presented his life story to us. His stories were inspiring and motivational. The thing that appeal to me the most from what he said was that we always have to listen to our parents. As children that’s one of the things we don’t like, we think that we know more than our parents and sometimes we think that we don’t share the same experiences as our parents: that’s one of the things which stood out to me. Also he talked about being shot, the experience, that was a bit too over whelming for me. I had to sit down because I couldn’t bring my mind to comprehend all of what he been through. Having to go to jail, and all the things he went through with his father. Those are things I personally don’t imagine, and if I was to have such an experience, I think I’ll be overwhelm, I might have a mental breakdown. So, I applaud Mr. Deal for being so strong in sharing his story with us.”