May 29, 2018

Ms. Hanna,
I am so excited that Mr. Drexel Deal is coming to Grand Bahama. It was such a coincidence, as I have just completed reading his book and I wondered how
I could get him to come to speak to our students, especially our young men who can identify with his family structure, childhood, rejection, economic environment and anger, and so much more.
Looking forward to reaping the rewards of what I have no doubt will impact the lives of our young men as we declared at Jack Hayward Senior High: “2016 – The Year of Your Dreams.” As he stated in his book, the title of his book was birthed in a dream! Students need to understand that their dreams become reality when they surrender ALL to God and begin to seek Him for their purpose in life – the reason they were magnificently created!
Mr. Deal has a “real” story to tell that will not only captivate this young audience but also teach valuable lessons!