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My purpose & mission

“Mr. Deal, Thanks for reinforcing what allot of the kids are being taught by their parents and teachers. For others this may be the first time they are hearing it.” Mrs. Charisee Smith

I am happily married to Carolyn Victoria Deal, and the father of one child a son age 14. With God’s help, my mission and purpose is to prevent what happen to me, from happening to another young person. I believe in keeping it simple and practical when speaking with our youth. I have turned the lessons learn from my mistakes into captivating stories, that addresses issues confronting our youth daily.

While these stories are lively, funny and sometimes emotional: but the message they convey are compelling and transferable. As the principal of North Long Island High School Ms. Debra Bethel remarked:

Awards and accolades

A former speaker of the year of Toast Master club 1600.

A former Toastmaster of the year

In 2006 recognized as a high achiever in the College of The Bahamas President’s Scholars Report

Receiver of the President’s award from the Disabled Persons’ Organization